About My Commissions


My portraits are unique one of a kind photo based fine art. I start by photographing the subject (you, your children, your spouse, or pet) at my studio or nearby surroundings. If this is not possible I can work from several snap shots, with signed permission from the photographer to use the image. Or I can travel to you if compensated.



Once I have selected a photo or photos to use, I will transfer the image onto a wood panel and then work back into the image with paint and other media. Initially I will consult with you about background, outfit choices, color palette preferences, symbolic elements and theme so you will not only get a beautiful portrait but also a unique piece of art specific to you. For a minimal additional cost I can also provide prints of the original for you and your family, which framed make beautiful gifts for relatives. I can also provide you with a digital file which many have used to create holiday cards.



4" x 6" or 5" x 7" wood miniatures $50/$60
(from your photographs, one or two people)

9" x 12" wood panel portrait $200
(from your photographs, one or two people)

16" x 20” wood panel portrait $350
(from your photographs, one or two people)

18" x 24" or 20” x 20” wood panel portrait $400
(from your photographs, one or two people)

18" x 24" or 20” x 20” wood panel portrait with photo shoot and CD of photos taken or digital files $550
(one or two people)

24" x 36" wood panel portrait $650  (from your photographs, one or two people)

24" x 36" wood panel portrait with photo shoot and CD of photos taken or digital files $800
(one or two people)

Narrow wood profile frame, maple, natural, or black $40  (20" x 20" size only)

Each additional person $50

Additional Unframed 8” x 10” Prints $25

Travel Expenses based on tolls/ travel time


For more details or to discuss a commission with me please tell me how to get in touch with you ?

Telephone (optional)

Provide any comments below and indicate the best time to contact you.:

See what people have been saying about my commissions.....(incas...
"I commissioned a mixed media piece from Dae in 2010, and it has brought my family nothing but joy since. I had a general sense of what I wanted and Dae was able to create a piece that was all of what I asked for, but even more importantly presented thru her sophisticated visual choices. I first approached Dae with a rough concept. She took some pictures of my kids based on what I explained. The whole experience was very mellow, natural and professional. I trusted that Dae would work on fulfilling my vision while developing the piece in such a way that it was clearly hers. I am not sure how she does it, but what a gift! We ended up with a beautiful work that my kids even brought to school for show and tell because they love it so much! I am surprised at how much I value having a wonderful piece of art that is both beautifully personal and somehow validating by documenting a time in my family's life. The object brings a sense of unity to my home. It is my favorite non-human thing in the house :)." -S.P
"We were looking for a holiday portrait that stood out from the rest. One that captured wishes and hope more than tinsel and flock; one that we would want to look at every day and not just in December. Dae's portrait of my girls was that and more. She was able to create a cherished work of art that has all these incredible little details and treasurers hidden within the layers. We are so pleased and amazed with the outcome! After we received the work, we decide to enlist Dae's help to photograph it and use it for our holiday card. Many of our friends and family called to say how beautiful and unique our card was. Thank you Dae!"- Ariel K.
"We love The Gate, The Substitute, and The Couch Series, plus our own commissioned piece is ALWAYS a conversation starter. Dae took all our favorite components and created a wonderful piece of our 2 daughters wearing special garments and special background props. In addition to the main piece in our Den (which was a surprise gift) I have a smaller one for my office and we even made holiday cards out of a small copy. It was amazing how all the elements came together in a most artistic way!" Vance & Rose Gulph Mills, PA
"The most personal and special thing that you can buy for someone you love is a work of art. Heading to the mall hoping to find a "special" gift is almost a ridiculous concept.Gift cards always fit but think about it: your husband or child will never look at the card years later and think how amazing it was that you captured their spirit so perfectly in that 2 x 3.5 inch piece of plastic.A few months before Valentine's Day last year I emailed 5 or 6 photos of each of my children to Dae, along with brief descriptions of their interests (and a photo or two of our dog Lucy). I love the circus themed elements that she incorporates- tents and caravans, stringed lights and bears with parasols on tightropes. You have to sort of let go at that that point- which is thrilling. I had two 12 x 12 pieces done- one with each child featured and the other child represented more marginally. (And a Lucy in each) they were a gift for my husband, but I imagine giving them as housewarming presents to my children when they have their own homes.Smaller pieces may be commissioned for the same price as a sweater from brooks brothers, but the look of wonder on the recipient's face is in no way comparable. Many fine artists have a temperament that is not conducive to commission work, but I had only the most positive experience working with Dae. I think she will be famous one day, and I look forward to saying "I knew her when...." Christine Edmonds, Trove Dιcor
"I can't tell you how much I love the piece of art that Dae created for us. She was able to incorporate photos of my children and elements of our life in the piece - our cat, Mango, even makes an appearance. Working with Dae was very easy and collaborative - she was able to maintain her style and stay true to her vision, while I was able to easily request elements to incorporate. The result is an original, and totally personal, work of art. It was a truly memorable gift for my husband and one of the things I treasure most. I can't think of a better, more personal, gift and I look forward to working with Dae again"-. P.C
"I was looking for something special and unique to give to my parents for their 40th wedding anniversary. I have been a fan of Dae's work for many years, so I decided to commission an original piece of art as my gift. I described to her what I had in mind, a tree that featured images of all of the grandchildren. She asked me for details about the colors I liked, the style of the tree, the birthdates of the children, and the date of my parents' anniversary. I also sent her digital photos of the children. With this information, Dae created a beautiful artwork that was the perfect gift for the occasion! I was very impressed with her design, and her communication was excellent! The price of the commission was very reasonable, as well! Best of all, this piece will remain in our family as a timeless heirloom and a unique treasure. I couldn't be happier with the experience of working with Dae, and I highly recommend her work to anyone looking for a special and priceless creation! "-Melissa M
"We started out wanting a picture of our three children. We had tried the portrait studios for years but felt a need for something a little different .We consulted with Dae and she was very accommodating of our busy schedule. It was a very interesting process. Dae encouraged the girls to play dress up and my middle daughter is wearing my wedding dress. It was an overall fun experience for everyone. I had no idea the picture would become a piece of art everyone notices."- Melora B.
"Dae was wonderful to work with when I asked her to paint a portrait of my children for my husband's 40th birthday present. We spoke at length about symbology and important meaning behind objects in the painting. She had a sense for what I was looking to portray and she did a phenomenal job at putting it altogether in a beautiful, meaningful painting. It hangs in our bedroom and we look at it daily. Every now and then, I notice a new texture, color, or a depth I didn't notice before. Thank you Dae for doing this for me, for us." Christina B.